Torque Inc. is a design firm and design tech company fully committed to building websites with Jamstack architecture and achieving both web accessibility and design excellence.


  • CEO
    Kazuyuki Honda
  • CDO / Art Director
    Takuya Sakaguchi
  • CTO / Design Engineer
    Tetsuro Horie
  • UX Designer
    Takashi Yamamoto
  • Designer
    Yuu Yamasaki
  • Designer
    Mika Shimamura
  • Designer
    Marshia Setiawan
  • Copywriter
    Ryohei Okamura
  • Engineer
    Yuto Yoshioka
  • Designer
    Masumi Tasaka
  • Engineer
    Yasuyuki Miyagi
  • Director
    Konosuke Yokoyama
  • Design Engineer
    Yuhei Jotaki
  • Engineer / Tech Lead
    Junya Kojima
  • Designer
    Hiroto Inamori
  • Director
    Ayaka Doai
  • Analyst / Engineer
    Yuji Tsukada


Inside the office. Six desks are arranged face-to-face for six people to work. Light streams in from two large windows.
The reception area with a large display above it and a communal space with many tables.
Tables on a wooden deck with plants in the foreground, showing a rooftop view. The cityscape is visible.
The office entrance with the room number 603 and the company logo.
The exterior of the office building with the PORTAL POINT sign.
Group photo of members.


Company NameTorque Inc.
CEOKazuyuki Honda
EstablishedDecember 10, 2020
Capital10,000,000 yen
LocationPORTAL POINT HARAJUKU ANNEX 4F, 3-51-7, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051, JAPAN
Phone Number+81-3-6897-6177
Business ActivitiesWebsite planning, production, development / Consulting and production related to advertising and sales promotion activities / Branding planning and design, etc.